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The Marketing Budget

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

What if your Trailer could reach millions? What would it be worth to you for potential viewers to be able to click on your link embedded in your Trailer to watch your Movie?

Most Film Maker's don't take into account that your Film requires a Marketing Budget. Otherwise, it's going to get lost in the millions of other Projects that are available on the Internet. A good rule of thumb is that your Marketing Budget should be 10% to 20% of your entire Budget.

Free Social Media Marketing will only get you so far, and your Posts will only reach a certain number of people. Since chances are you are only making a few cents for every person that watches your movie you need to get those numbers up fast in able to receive high rankings on the Host Site and take advantage of the Free Marketing that comes with being one of the most viewed Projects on the platform. That's where the money is.

Once your Film is highly ranked the Income you receive from the Platform will increase because you are driving traffic. That's how the system is set up. Then as you continue to receive those high rankings IMDB and Google will take notice as well, which is more Free Marketing.

So, what are some ways besides Social Media that you can drive traffic?

The first is through Interviews. Unless you are already a big name most Podcasters, Radio, TV and Magazines will charge you a fee to be in their next issue or on their show. It's usually a couple hundred dollars, which is not conducive when you are on a tight budget. You're going to want to figure in about five or six of these in your Budget.

The second is Pay Per Click Video Advertising. There are currently over 250 PPC Advertising Platforms. Out of these there are about 180 that offer Video Advertising. Most of these require an upfront deposit for the number of clicks you wish to receive.

The price often varies to a wide degree depending on several factors that have nothing to do with your Campaign. It doesn't matter if you are Marketing a Feature, a Short or a Webseries. The price will be the same. It depends on the Site's your Ad will appear on, and the amount of traffic they receive on a daily basis.

Third would be Sponsored Ads on Social Media. It's always best to use a link that is set up to an Ad Server. That way you are able to track all of the activity through a single report. This is not Pay Per Click it's Pay Per View. Just because 5,000 people watch your Trailer doesn't mean they clicked through to watch your Movie. This is why PPC was second.

Fourth and last is Television Advertising. This is last because it's usually the most expensive and does not provide an accurate Return On Investment. You can find out from the Station how many viewers may have seen your Trailer, but there is no way of tracking how many actually went to see your film.

Investors do like to see that their money is being spent wisely, but they also know the power of reaching a potential Audience offline. They are going to want to see a Breakdown of everywhere their money is going.

Just because your Project makes it to #1 doesn't mean you stop Marketing it. A percentage of all Profits should be put into your continuous Marketing Budget. That's how you make residual income for life.

Remember, your Project is a Business! Treat it like one. If you don't have the answers then hire someone who does, but know that Professionals don't come free.

C. Christian Andersen is a Writer, Producer, Marketing Specialist and Gatekeeper for a Film Investment Company.